The ads revolution is here. Are you ready?

Our profit first approach is a game changer for every serious brand. We cracked the code to run profitable campaigns on autopilot in line with your company goals.

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Leverage the power of your data

And 5X your results

All your data

Advertising data is more then just a ACOS and ROAS. Get all insights in one overview to steer the business on profit.


Insights in ranking positions are key in validating the advertising efforts. Fivex shows you how well your products rank on the important keywords.

Set goals

Goals can be different per product. Maximising your profit, launching new products or boosting your sales. Make it work in FiveX.


You set the targets, FiveX does the rest. It's that simple. Make sure you get the most value for your advertising

How we do things different

Spend your ad budget based on impact

Automation is the key in moving forward

Set your company goals and automate your ads to reach them on autopilot. Managing ad accounts can be time-consuming. With the build in rules you can automate actions like bids, pausing campaigns or keywords based on KPl's such as stock levels, TACOS, profit margin and ads results.  

Prioritize Organic Keyword Ranking

Let your ads fuel your organic ranking improvement. Through strategic advertising, boost your product's market traction and ascend in the rankings. Equip your account for success by  monitoring all crucial keywords. This approach not only elevates your visibility but also positions your product more prominently in marketplace searches.

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