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Never out of stock

Stock Manager

Managing inventory can be tricky. Running out of stock not only results in missing sales, but also causes the ranking of the product to fall within yu. With FiveX's Inventory Manager, you'll always know when to repurchase products. The system also lets you know when products need to be replenished at the bol department store. Set up stock alerts and get more sales results.

Multichannel management

Link all your sales channels to FiveX

So how do you get your financial insights from all your sales channels together in one overview? One of the big advantages of FiveX's tools is that you can link all your sales channels. Thus, all sales from all channels enter the system and are brought together into a clear overview.

Get a hold on your stock

See and manage your active stock per product

Within the stock overview of FiveX you can easily view how much total stock you have per product. For example, you have an overview of how much active stock you still have at external department stores, how much in your own stock and whether you might need to replenish stock somewhere.

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