Dynamic pricing to increase profits.

Make more profit with your smart and dynamic price rules

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Leverage the power of your data

And 5X your results

All your data

To streamline decision-making and ensure accuracy across all departments, it's essential to aggregate your data and create one single source of truth.


Insights in ranking positions are key in validating the  efforts. FiveX shows you how well your products rank on the important keywords.

Set goals

Goals can be different per product. Maximising your profit, launching new products or boosting your sales. Make it work in FiveX.


Establish your goals, and let FiveX handle everything else—it's truly that straightforward. Ensure you maximize your products' value through dynamic pricing.

Never sell with a loss

Profit margin < 5%

Ensure your hard work pays off by letting FiveX account for all expenses, from advertising to returns, within its comprehensive strategy. This commitment follows one simple yet powerful rule: never sell at a loss. It guarantees that your efforts are not just recognized but rewarded.

Improve your cashflow

Stagnant stock

Cash flow is critical to enhancing your business outcomes. Revitalize your stagnant inventory by adjusting the selling prices, a strategic move that can inject new life into your sales and foster growth.

Keep your ranking positions

Low stock

Being out of stock results in a decrease in your ranking position, affecting visibility. By implementing automatic price adjustments, you can maximize profits and ensure your product remains in the spotlight, thus safeguarding your market presence.

Perfect product launch

Breakeven till sales

Harness the potential of an impeccable product launch by energizing the algorithm; commence with minimal profit margins until you gain momentum. Intelligent rules will then automatically elevate your sales price as your products begin to soar.

Keep your ranking positions

Low stock

Experiencing an out-of-stock situation often leads to a decline in your ranking position, making it harder for customers to find your product. By setting your pricing to adjust automatically, you can increase the price to maximize profits and keep your product prominently visible, thereby preventing a loss of market traction.

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