Having a hard time turning your sales into profit?

Our method works for you and thousands of other brands.

How we do things differently

“The profit first approach”

Step 1

Get your data right

Step 2

Find te focus

Step 3

Automate the process

Step 1 Get the data right

Step 2 Find the focus

Turn your goals into a strategy with laser focus.

Jesse van FiveX

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We help you along the way

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Step 3 Automate the process

Run your business on autopilot, alligned with your goals

Automation is the secret to scaling

Turn your data intoyour biggest asset

Profit-centric strategy

Every € counts

Make the right changes at the right time. Staying ahead of the competition has everything to do with making business decisions fast.

  • Profit calculated on order level
  • Auto currency exchange
  • Keeps track of returns
  • Spend your ad budget with a strategy


Profit margin growth in the first year

Due to better advertising visibility, optimisation of low-performing targets, and unveiling new relevant targets.

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"We no longer have to use analyses in Excel. It now only takes us an hour a week where we fill in the data and the rest goes by itself. In total, FiveX saves us about 20 hours a month."

Julian Noteboom
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